With technology advancing every day and social media gaining more and more users every day, it is a market that has sea of opportunity for a business. I’m sure you are similar to me where you wake up and check your emails then maybe view your Facebook to see what other users are up to and recent trends. You want to take the opportunity that users see your business or ads when they’re scrolling through their feeds so they remember your brand and what you’re about.

If you’re going to create a brand online you want to use social media to get the brand noticed by a specific audience, and that it can be represented by communicating with followers, subscribers, or users.

You might be wondering still why social media should be used, and what can it actually do for my business. Well I’ve broke it down into four parts where social media can be a massive benefit for your online presence.


You want your website to be viewed as much as possible so you can have large awareness and reach to improve your online presence and also you have a large audience base. Traffic is basically the amount of visitors visiting a website and you can view where which pages of the site are most popular by how many views it gets.

So how can social media help? Well by using social media planning to post updates and content on relevant networks where it will have the best impact can drive audiences to become visitors on new landing pages that you have created and want to create conversions on such as making a sale.


If you’re not sure what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is the organic non-paid results when you search for a keyword(s) on a search engine. If that doesn’t make any sense I’ve highlighted it in a picture below.


So where it says AD next to the page web HTML makes it a paid ad which is all about Search Engine Marketing and has Pay Per Click applied to it. While the organic results are after the Paid Ads and are ranked on the relevance of the keyword searched. The relevance is supported by the quality of content on the webpage and also the back links supporting it’s quality relevance.

Moving back to why social media can help this, the crawlers or bots that search engines use to index and look through site pages and can see where traffic is high and low in volume, and determine the Search Engine Rank Pages according to this. The more traffic that is optimised on a page the faster it will climb the ranks.


You have to think of social media as a conversation where you and the customer are talking together. You both talk to each other by posting and sharing content and by posting comments on content that you have an interest in. It creates a relationship between you and the customer and you want to maintain that relationship by regularly communicating and interacting with customers. You can use Social media to see what your customer base is posting about to get an insight about them, and respond accordingly to that, such as what they are doing daily? what posts they share? what products are they buying?

As said, Social media is an amazing tool on communicating and you can use it to directly respond to enquiries and comments made by customers. By communicating with a customer directly and swiftly, you’re building on that relationship between each other where you are being as helpful as possible to help them. This is where brand image is further displayed in a good light and you get high quality reviews.

Finally with customers on social media is the tool can be used for targeting and re-targeting with ad campaigns. Social media networks have a nature of displaying ads to specific audiences based on factors that you take in consideration for your ad campaigns such as age, gender, location, hobbies and pages they’ve subscribed too.


The final point with social media is that you can get that edge that differentiates you from your competitors.  You should research in what social media networks your competitors use and how they use them. What kind of content do they post? How often do they post? Do they communicate with customers directly?

These kind of factors can really separate you from your competitor. You want to get potential customers first to convert them and earn their loyalty. It gets increasingly difficult to convert customers from one business to another so you need to show that you have that slight edge that would interest customers more than your competitors. Make useful content with call to actions that make them link worthy so you win them over, such as making viral trends or media that really grabs the attention of the users. GIFS are a popular media that have been grabbing attention when it comes to content, and as ridiculous as they can be, if you make them relevant it can be the grabbing mechanic that gets the customer’s attention. Be creative and relevant when it comes to Social Media content.


So that’s just a few points on why Social Media is an important tool to improve your online presence. What makes it such a superior tool is that it’s FREE. If you want to look at Social Media in more detail on how it’s a superior online tool, try ContentFac’s and Hootsuite’s Blog on their views on the subject.

So what do you think about social media? Do you think it’s a relevant tool in a digital campaign and online presence? Leave your comment down below, would love to know what you think.